Month: May 2016

Apple Ginger Spread

Apple Ginger Spread This is a very easy to prepare recipe that will only take 10 minutes to prepare. It will only take 3 minutes to cook. A fast recipe for a delicious spread. This spread will serve great at any breakfast, lunch, or dinner table. It is excellent for serving on biscuits or toast. […]

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An Overview of the Beer Brewing Industry in the United Kingdom

There can be no doubt that beer is the U.K’s national drink. Its overall market worth is estimated at being over 53 billion. In comparison, the U.K’s soft drink market is estimated at having a market worth of only 13 billion. There are two distinct layers to the beer production industry in the U.K. There […]

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An Overview of Fermented Milk Products

There are two things that are generally said about milk. One is that it is a near-perfect food, considering that it contains vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and water. The other is that it is an excellent medium for the growth or development of many microorganisms. But when this second reference to milk is made, […]

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All about Tomatoes

Tomatoes are so much more than veggie-things that you can slice up and toss into your salad. Tomato sauce is an essential ingredient for some of the greatest foods around: Spaghetti, lasagna, pizza, and many kinds of Mexican dishes. Go to any American restaurant and you just might be hard pressed to find a meal […]

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Apple Pie Wins every Time

The dessert plates are ready, the spatula is poised, you are serving the first piece of the apple pie. But when you lift the piece out of the pie pan the crust crumbles and the slice of pie lies on the plate in ugly heap that is unrecognizable as pie The guests are waiting. What […]

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Absolut Berri Acai Berried

Most of the best cocktails are those that find ways to combine unexpected flavors in ways that are surprisingly delicious. Many of these drinks have a habit of combining sweet, bitter, and savory all at the same time, making them complex, exciting, and new. This is made even more apparent by the ever-growing list of […]

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An Overview on Home Canning

Home canning has been around for decades, and was the preferred method of keeping and preserving food. In times before freezers, homemakers either canned or dried their garden bounties if they wanted to keep them for the long cold winters. Almost everything has been, at one time or another, canned. Homemakers not only canned fruits […]

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An Overview on the Food and Cooking of Scotland

As in most countries and cultures traditional foods were composed of foods that were readily available, easily grown, and affordable. Diets included foods based on the environment, and the needs of the people, and Scotland is certainly no exception. Through the centuries they took what they had and created foods that are hearty and varied. […]

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Apple Pies Made Perfect

Perfect apple pies, like the ones grandma used to make, are hard to find today.  But that does not mean working toward that goal is useless. It means only that fewer people are baking their own pies today, and fewer still are rolling out their own pie crusts. Perfection is that certain something aimed toward […]

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An Introduction to Beers Essential Ingredients

Beer is just water with a few magical ingredients. That’s right 90% of that brew is water with a little barley, hops and the ever exciting and misunderstood yeast. These four plain if not entirely simple components work together to bring life one of its simplest pleasures. Barley may be substituted or joined by other […]

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