Month: June 2016

Bagging Groceries

For convenience and quicker service, many groceries allow customers to bag their own groceries. This can be great unless the customer gets home and discovers that the bread or grapes were flattened. By remembering a few tips, these and other mishaps can be avoided. Bags Today, consumers can choose to use plastic bags from the […]

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Assessing the Americans Eating Habits

In America, life is all about luxury and indulgence. This proves true by simply looking at the average weight of the average American. Although it is frowned upon, somewhere over 70% of Americans are considered ‘overweight’ and 50% of those 70% are considered ‘obese’. Fast food could be one of the most important factors to […]

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Art of Cheesemaking

For some of us, cooking is more than a way to sustain yourself and your family. There are those of us, inspired by watching way too much Food Network, who enjoy playing with food the way some enjoy playing with clay or paint. Some of us who get lost in an 8×8 kitchen as if […]

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