Located in the vaulted cellar of the Am Schloss Hotel, the Dianakellar is not just a restaurant, but rather a dining experience. Heavy on atmosphere, it was a warm and welcoming experience.  It was such a good experience that we returned our second night.  

I decided to try the local Pils, a Hochstift. It was a dark amber color and had a slightly bitter back-taste – very enjoyable. I could have had a Becks had I preferred, but I usually try a local brew if given the opportunity.

The house provided a small starter on both nights. The first night, it was a fish terrine, pink on top and white and cheesy on the bottom. The second night, it was a fish cocktail – shrimp and calamari in vinaigrette with olives, lettuce and tomatoes. Both were tasty and a nice surprise.

They have a set menu at 35 Euros, but the meat was venison, so we ordered a la carte.

They offered two soups on the regular menu, but on the set menu, they had sweet chestnut soup with cream and who could resist that? I asked if I could order the soup outside the set menu, and they said, “of course.” It was a euro-and-a-half more expensive than the other soups, but it was so wonderful that I was happy to pay extra, and I did so not only once but twice.  

My entree both nights was a vegetable curry.  It was delicious, with lots of vegetables and some fruit over basmati rice with a coconut-based sauce. There was none of the spice curry, but it was so delicious that Bob ordered it the second night, as well. Al had the rump steak on the first night and pork steak the second night. He loved the roasted mushrooms and roasted potatoes. He had herb butter as his sauce the first night, and pepper sauce the second night. Both were delicious. Joe had leg of lamb the first night, and steak the second. There was almost no way to make a bad choice at this restaurant.

We had dessert one night – I had caramel cream with lukewarm sour cherries…need I say more?! Al had a chocolate sundae  which everyone loved. The only thing we found less than fantastic was the coffee, but that is our own personal taste.

Our waiter both evenings was attentive but didn’t hover. We would eat here again in a heartbeat. It was a wonderful experience, and it would be a great place to go for a romantic dinner.

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