Herpes is one type of STD or sexually transmitted disease that affects quite a number of people worldwide. One of the most common types of herpes that people experience is genital herpes. There are different genital herpes symptoms that can appear when you are infected with it and by knowing them before hand; you can get the necessary treatment immediately.

Before learning more about the symptoms, did you know that there are two common types of herpes? These are HSV-1 and HSV-2. HSV-1 appears mostly along the mouth and lips but it can also cause genital herpes. Oral-genital contact can be one of the methods of transferring this virus to others but the outbreak for this type is not that much compared to HSV-2.

HSV-2, on the other hand, can be transmitted through sexual intercourse. The outbreak for this type is quite massive and there are a lot of instances where the infected partner is not even aware that he or she has one unless the genital herpes symptoms start to appear.

Now that you are aware of the two and need to get rid of genital herpes, it is time to learn more about the different symptoms. Cold sores can appear during the first two weeks after being infected, which would take about two weeks to a month before healing completely. Other symptoms that you might experience are high fever and even ones that are similar to flu. Swollen glands are another sign that you should be aware of too especially during the first few weeks after the virus is transmitted.

Some symptoms that can appear as well include blisters and bumps around the affected area and can even include genital discharge as well. These red bumps will eventually break and scab over before fully healing. Body ache can also be felt especially along the lower back for those who get infected.

For those who are infected with genital herpes, the symptoms can recur at least three to four times within a year but they do disappear after a while. There are instances where the symptoms are not that prominent and can be often mistaken as skin disorder or if not, insect bites.

The symptoms can be different from one person to the next. For some, the signs can be mild while for others they can be quite aggravated. However, the pain and embarrassment of acquiring this disease are the same with everyone. That is why it is best to protect yourself at all times.

If you have been infected with herpes, there are genital herpes symptoms that can act as alarm bells to let you know whether it is coming back. General fatigue, numbness, tingling, fever, and itching are some of the common symptoms that can appear and once you start feeling them, you can immediately ask for treatment.

Knowing these symptoms can help you out when determining whether you are infected with herpes or not. Of course, nothing beats protection but if you do suffer from this sexually-transmitted disease, getting immediate treatment will definitely help you fight it back.