American Neufchatel Cheese Recipe
This is how I make Neufchatel Cheese in 24 hours

Farmer’s Cheese
Neufchatel is a type of cheese similar to cream cheese but is slightly softer and lower in fat. I sometimes remove a little more moisture than normal from my cheese so it turns out more like Mozzarella. In fact, with just a few additional steps, Neufchatel can be turned into American


The ingredients and equipment you will need to make American Neufchatel are:

1 Gallon whole milk from the grocery store. Ideally this is made with goat’s milk but I used cow’s milk. No skim milk or 2% fat milk.

1/4 cup of buttermilk

4 drops of rennet – this is a special enzyme that curdles the milk

A one Gallon (or slightly larger) container with a lid to hold all the ingredients

A U.S. measuring cup

Some clean handkerchiefs or non waxed cheese cloth

At least one additional bowl to catch the drained whey

To start the process. Pour the entire gallon of milk into the large container and let sit, covered, in a room until it reaches around 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

In the measuring cup add 4 drops of rennet to cold water and stir briefly

Add the rennet mixture to the warm milk.

Stir just a few strokes and let this mixture sit at room temperature for at least 12 hours. If you are letting your mix sit overnight, you may need to let it sit an additional 12 hours during the day.

This will allow the curds or solids in the milk to congeal and form about a one inch thick layer on the top of the milk. When the curds are ready you will be able to cut them into squares almost as solid as Jello.

Lightly season the curds with about a half teaspoon of salt. Garlic salt is also good to use.

Now, gently scoop the cut curds out with a slotted spoon and place into a clean handkerchief.

Pull up the four corners of the handkerchief and twist them together. Tie up the closed end and hang the cloth of curds from a rack in a refrigerator with a bowl placed underneath to catch the clear liquid which is the whey. Let the curds drain overnight or for about 8 – 12 hours.

Sometimes place curds on top of the rack and set a heavy bowl on it to press the cheese and make it drain better. This makes a dryer, more firm cheese. You could let the cheese set out in a cool, dry and dark room for 8 – 10 weeks so that it cures and has a more mature flavor but I usually eat it long before then!

I love to make this cheese because it is quick and easy and tastes great!

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