In America, life is all about luxury and indulgence. This proves true by simply looking at the average weight of the average American. Although it is frowned upon, somewhere over 70% of Americans are considered ‘overweight’ and 50% of those 70% are considered ‘obese’.

Fast food could be one of the most important factors to consider when unearthing this disturbing epidemic. In this country we try to make things as quick and easy as possible, for the sake of convenience. Unfortunately, however, by utilizing ‘convenience’ to its uppermost potential, we in turn sacrifice adequate sustenance and nutrition.

Years of greasy, fatty, and sugary foods lead to the nation’s number one killer which is heart disease. Problems involving the heart that stem from poor diet are literally killing us by the hundreds of thousands every single year. In America you can best make money one of two ways: feeding us or slimming us down. Either way we fall for it every time.

There is a vicious circle here, one side being over-indulgence and the other side guilt. We binge and purge for what seems like all eternity and very few in comparison ever really understand the word moderation and if they do understand it, know very little about how to hold fast to it.

If only Americans could get a grip on their eating habits, so much would surely change. Learning to moderate ourselves through our food would lead to moderating ourselves in every other aspect of our lives as well. Just imagine how much change could inadvertently come from simply learning to stop living for convenience and start living for the greater good. Not only would we be happier, we’d be healthier, and far wealthier than we ever imagined.

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