Flexeril is the trademarked name under Cyclobenzaprine. It blocks the nerve impulses or the pain sensations that are being sent in the brain. It is chemically related to tricyclic antidepressants. The neurotransmitters which are called as norepinephrine are prevented by Flexeril from returning to the origin of the cells, thus increasing the amount of it in the body.

Their action is taking place in the central nervous system instead in the spinal cord. It is where the effects are taking in. The Flexeril is available in different forms like in capsules, in solution form, in tablets as well as in Amrix, the extended version of the Flexeril.

The uses of this drug is that it is being prescribed for muscle sprains and strains, back pain and other forms of skeletal muscle conditions. It is used along with physical therapy programs, exercise and rest.

This medication is usually prescribed for two weeks since there will get you flexeril high if too much dosage. There is a research stating that in the first two days, it is the time wherein the drug is most effective and after fourteen days, the drug will then stop working its function. The usual dosage of this is 10 mg for people who are 15 years and above. This is taken three times a day. The dosage can be increased to 60mg if it is totally needed by the person.

The extended version which is the Amrix, the usual dosage of it is 15 mg that is taken once a day. If there is a need to increase the dosage, the highest level would be 30mg. For the drug to take effect, it usually takes thirty minutes or about an hour.

Just be reminded that this drug should not be combined with alcohol, for it will just increase the side effects of the drug. Another, aside from drugs, it should not combined with any illegal narcotics, anti- depressants, anti- histamines, sleeping pills, tranquilizers and other types of depressants. It might cause dangerous drug interaction that will surely put your life in danger.

People with congenital heart failure, heart rhythm disorders, heart blockages and other heart conditions should not or are not allowed in taking the Flexeril. It will just increase the risk of the illnesses. It is not also good for people who are suffering from enlarged prostate glands, overactive thyroids, liver diseases and glaucoma.

This drug is not prescribed usually for children under 15 years old and is rarely prescribed for over 65 years old patients. Old people have slow metabolism rate thus making it them to slowly eliminate the drugs in their bodies, this is why they are prone in having unhealthy levels of medicine. It will increase the drowsiness effects and fall risks.

For pregnant women, there is a need for them to consult first the doctor before taking in such drugs. It might affect the babies in their tummies.

Whenever your muscle pain is also relieved and relaxed, stop using the drug so that your body will no longer be having any interaction with this thus having possible allergic reactions will be avoided. Follow properly the prescribed description of the doctor and before doing any changes and switching of drugs ask their advice first.

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