Mostly, there are medicines that would give us different side effects. It usually depends on our immune system. If we are allergic to something we should be very careful because it will surely cause a side effect that may even put your life at risk. Even if they are medicines they still cause bad side effects. Few others would feel itchiness, irritation and hard time in breathing. These are just the common side effects. For Gabapentin side effects usually they are not hard to treat. Some of the effects are the drowsiness, dizziness, problems with coordination and nausea.

But there are times that the effects of Gabapentin can be serious. In this case an immediate and thorough medical attention is needed if it strikes on you. These are instances that it can no longer be cured by your anti allergic medicine or by your health center. These negative effects can really be a life threatening especially if you already notice a significant continuous reaction and it hasn’t subsides for quite some time already yet you disregard it. It might cause a serious outcome to your health and to you. So, always be alert and immediately visit the nearest hospital if you notice these kinds of symptoms.

There are a lot of things about the effects like Gabapentin high (more) according to the result of the recent study conducted by medical experts among various groups of patients or people. They listed it as the most common side effects. The most common of them all is dizziness. They had recorded that up to 28% of people have this common side effect of Gabapentin. The next most common is drowsiness that got up to 21.40%. The next one got of up to 12.50% of people has this common reaction, coordination problems. Then the fourth most common side effect is the infections which have up to 10.90% of people affected.

The next most common Gabapentin side effects are the fever that got up to 10.10% followed by nausea or vomiting which got up to 8.40% of people. Swelling of the feet, legs, hands and arms is also one of the common effects that got up to 8.30%. Another common bad side effect of this medicine is the unusual eye movements that affected up to 8.30% of people as well just the same as of the latter. And other common bad side effects that occurred to up to 7% of people are fatigue, diarrhea, shakiness, blurred vision and others.

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