Technician schools is also the term used to identify technical schools. It is the name reference used to point out college courses with a short duration of mostly one to two years only.  These one to two year courses are meant to readily access employment opportunities with short duration training on skills to address job demands requiring immediate personnel.  These Schools can be in the areas of medical assistants, ultrasound technician, veterinary, radiology, x-ray technicians as well as pharmacy technician.

Medical Assistant Schools and Technician Schools

The schools catering to medical assistants are schools, which offer short courses leading to the grant of certification as a bona fide medical assistant. Their training in school leads them to become providers of health care; performing clinical as well as administrative functions, supporting work being done by medical physicians and other professionals in the health industry. These schools trains their students to do routine acts of measurement of the vital signs of a patient, do injections through intravenous means, administer medications, conduct systematic record keeping and record important information on duly established forms, prepare and handle  supplies and medical instruments, collect and prepare medical specimens  such as bodily fluids for testing in the laboratory.

Medical Assistant Schools by State

Technician schools for medical assistants also abound in different States to address residency concerns of students. Students wanting to be enrolled in these schools must take it upon themselves to do personal inquiries as to each individual requirement of each school by state to arrive at a fair comparison of their personal educational and training needs.  Some of the basic requirements for medical assistants are the typical completion of high school evidenced by a high school diploma. It would also help students wanting to enroll to know the commencement dates of the training program they wish to enroll themselves. Programs for certificate and diploma courses have commencement dates earlier than programs that are merely associate degree in nature (1-2 years).

Ultrasound Technician Schools

Schools for students needing to become an ultrasound technicians offer students to become sonographers or ultrasonographers. Their work as technicians is in the field where use of specially manufactured equipment is in use mostly in producing images of organs, structures inside the body unseen by the naked eye. The equipment in use in this image production causes emission of very high sound frequency waves design to penetrate body tissues without causing harm unto it. The result of the frequency waves penetrating the body is duly recorded to make a clear picture of the anatomical body of a patient capable of medical interpretation to detect presence of any disease. The schools introduces students to this machinery similar to radar machinery used in mapping ocean beds.

Radiology technician schools

Schools for students of radiology courses offer students the right to be called radiologist technicians as well as radiographers. The work of these trained radiographers involves giving assistance to doctors in the conduct of CT scans, mammograms or even x-rays. Taking up radiology programs may take up from 1-4 years of study. The number of years is dependent on the kind of program a student is enrolled. The programs in this field can either be masters, certificate, bachelor’s, or even associate degree programs. An associate program will allow for an entry-level radiographer job. Bachelors program and master’s program will open doors for management posts.

Veterinary Technician Schools

Schools for students of veterinary courses offer students the chance to become veterinary technicians. Their work is distinctly similar in nature to the work of registered nurses employed in hospitals. The type of work these veterinary technicians do include blood and or tissue sample taking, medicinal administration through and by means of injections or intravenous, conduct laboratory tests, These schools  prepare students for a career to assists veterinarians and conduct surgical procedures and do animal medical techniques aimed at helping animals as patients.

Pharmacy Technician Schools

Schools for students to become a pharmacy technician introduces students to careers as a pharmacy technician. Technician schools programs for these courses can run from 6 months up to two years. The topics introduced in these courses can include knowledge of medicines, pharmaceuticals, as well as customer service. Topics related to pharmacy practices, treatments and drugs, trade and laws on medicine. Classes in these programs includes subjects such as; Chemistry, Calculations of dosage, prescription interpretation, dosage forms, prescribed medications’ compounding, pharmacology, terminologies on medicines and pharmacy, drug reactions record keeping, pharmacy law, and  drug preparation.

X Ray Technician Schools

Schools for students of x-ray course offers students to become any of the following: x-ray technician, radiographer, EKG technician or a radiologic technologist. A student desiring to become a certified technician needs to have a degree as either an associate, accredited or even a bachelor’s degree. Some programs require students to:

  • Have medical field experience
  • Be fit and healthy
  • Have an updated CPR and first aid certificates.

Technician schools generally asks as a requirement good and more than average results in the subjects of Math, English as well as applied sciences. You are now in a better position to decide for yourself from amongst these technician schools the best to enroll in.